Writing manifesto

I am going to write. It will be hard at first, because it has been a while. But maybe not as hard as I fear. It may get harder, at some point, as my initial inspiration fails and I panic a little. Over time, though, it will become easier - as my hand remembers and my mind forgets to focus on all the things which might block it, and then the words will flow free and full and obliging.

Where they will take me, I cannot know, for though I may strive to guide them and nurture them, the destination is not the journey, and they will show me secrets, visions, wonders, that I could never dream of without them. I will ride them like the wave and laugh with exhilaration until they deposit me, tired and bruised and beaten, but happy, on the shore. I will tell their tale by the campfire and the candlelight until dawn comes and drags me under the blanket of sleep, and I shall dream 'til comes time to pick up my pen once more.

But not yet. Now, there are words.

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Writing manifesto