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It broke my heart when I met you
For I could clearly see
That I would want to love you
And you wanted nought from me

Yet I've always been a gambler
So I chose to roll the dice
And hoped my soul of fire
Could melt your heart of ice

I picked my cards at random
For I didn't know the game
Each time I turned one over
My prayers were of your name

I played my hand as well as I could
But the devil always cheats
And nothing he likes more
Than to still a heart that beats

I saw my tears in your eyes
As you brought things to an end
I wanted double, or nothing
I forgot you were my friend

Now the ball is in my court
But I'm still playing cards
My grin locked in a rictus
Made only of glass shards

Wise men know their folly
But I have a stubborn streak
I cannot say I love you
And so I do not speak

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