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Up rose the whale,
Its land legs grown
To stalk its fearful foe.
Her skin went pale
She let out a moan
'The whale comes! Oh no!'

She turned to run
But the whale was quick
It cut her off right away;
She pulled out a gun,
But its hide was thick
And it wasn't afraid of its prey.

A shot taken quick,
But it went wide
The whale started to charge
A simple trick,
Anneliese stood aside
And the whale crashed into a barge.

Anneliese let fly
With a kick to the fin
And the whale let out a roar.
The next hit went high
As the whale did a spin
And opened its massive jaw.

Its jaw snapped shut
But she was no longer there
And the whale couldn't understand
Then a vicous cut
Came from out of thin air:
Anneliese, with an axe in her hand.

A bellow of rage
And a massive bite;
From fear she felt all hollow -
For its mouth was a cage
From which she couldn't fight.
She went down in one swallow.

Covered in bile
A defiant yell
'I will never be beaten!'
So she pondered a while
On escaping this hell
'cos nobody wants to be eaten.

'I'll kill two birds with one stone:
Get out, and have lunch.'
Her mind went on with reasoning
So she pulled some flesh off a bone,
And had a good munch
'This could really do with some seasoning.'

She chewed her way on
Through muscle and fat
And made its heart a feast.
When that was gone,
She held on to her hat
And waited 'til the twitching had ceased.

She climbed up its blowhole
And went out to
A world once more at peace
If terror's your goal
This is a lesson for you
Don't mess with Anneliese.

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