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Down in no-man's valley
Lies the land that's never seen
At least, none have returned to tell its tale
All have died who've been

Whispers may reach you, time to time
Of screaming in the night
The towns around are often struck
With pestilence and blight

The rumours say the land is cursed
By a ruler whose outlook is grim
Fond of murder, enamoured with pain
Your chance of survival is slim

The truth, I say, is worse than this
Though I know that you will gawk
When I tell you that this evil vale
Is a place where dead men walk

Hordes of zombies prowl the land
With bats and wolves most dire
The ranks of skeletal troops march out
At the call of a foul vampire

How do I know of these terrible beings?
I tell no lies when I sing
For no-man's valley is my valley
I am the undead king.

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