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When darkness creeps about your eyes
And aluminium's all you taste
When all the hope that you've poured in
Has been a bitter waste
When you can't hear for cries of woe
And your matches just won't burn
Console yourself with thoughts of this:
The dragon will never turn.

When the days are blurring all as one
And you can't tell dusk from dawn
When you're dwelling on your one regret
(The day that you were born)
When you think of all the things you'd do
If you hadn't come undone
It might be good for you to know:
The dragon will never run.

When your failing heart and restless mind
Can't begin to hold your fears
When the devil thirsts for your very soul
Like an onion craves your tears
When all bets are off and the demons rise
And dance on the killing field
Remind yourself of this, my friend:
The dragon will never yield.

When rage has caused your brain to swell
And grief has pierced your core
When numbness seeps through all your limbs
And you can't get off the floor
When pain has caused you to hang your head
And embark on a three day bender
Know this, and mind it well:
The dragon will never surrender.

When rivers pour out from your eyes
In the agony of shame
When London bridge is falling down
And you've only yourself to blame
When all your will is telling you
You cannot face the fight
Raise your head, consider this:
The dragon will always bite.

When all that you have known and loved
Is torn apart by pride
When you look around and all you see
Are things you can't abide
When evil has its merry way
And the world wallows in its sin
Remember this, and don't forget:
The dragon will always win.

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