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According to Dave Carr, the organiser of FrogFest in Australia, 'frog' is the 'amphibious lovechild of ‘prog’ and folk styles'.

Prog is short for 'progressive'. Progressive music has a long and varied history, producing many varied sub-genres - progressive rock and progressive metal being the most popular and commonly known. Typically progressive music incorporates stylistic influences from many genres, is technically complex, and tends towards longer songs (which suits the movement through the piece that gives progressive music its name). 

Progressive folk differs from other progressive music in that either the major influence or the instruments used have their roots in the folk music scene. The easiest way to explain this is just to show you some examples.

Crooked Fiddle Band:

Tim McMillan:

One of my big frog metal influences - very heavy guitar work here.

Barons of Tang:

Who are your favourite frog bands?

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